European Charter on Participatory democracy

The European Charter on Participatory Democracy in Spatial Planning Processes

The Charter of participatory Democracy was approved at the ECTP-CEU General Assembly, Dublin, October 17th 2015.
This primary vocation of this text is to invite all the actors of the planning processes - including politicians and citizens - to share the values stated in this call for action.

Working Group Chair: Luc-Emile BOUCHE-FLORIN
The authors and working group members:
Luc-Emile BOUCHE-FLORIN, Chair, France. Vincent GOODSTADT, United Kingdom. Elias BERIATOS, Greece.
Virna BUSSADORI, Italy.
Paulo CORREIA, Portugal. Pierre-Yves DELCOURT, Switzerland. Maros FINKA, Slovakia.
Dominique LANCRENON, France. Lucy NATARAJAN, United Kingdom. Kristin NORDLI, Norway.

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