Spatial Planning in Western Europe: current trends, policies and research


Spatial Planning in Western Europe: current trends, policies and research
Wed, 17. April 2019
The Hague,


New thinking in spatial planning - from methodology to implementation

This event will be composed of two parts:

Part 1 is designed to support the finalization of the new Spatial Planning Strategy in the Netherlands.

Latest ESPON research results will illustrate the territorial patterns of ecosystem resilience, examining green infrastructure networks, the low-carbon and circular performance of regions as well as the role of SME and revolving financial instruments for investments in sustainability.

Part 2 will provide conclusions about new challenges and solutions in West European spatial planning. It will tie in with part 1 of the conference by integrating the thematic focus presented above into a value chain of territorial issues, which concern spatial planners from France, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, and had been individually discussed in the previous editions of the roadshow. Spatial planners are confronted with unprecedented challenges related to ecosystem fragmentation, climate change, growing complexity of the morphological and functional interrelations of territorial units compounded by territorial polarisation (i.e. territorial isolation on the one hand and excessive unsustainable land use on the other hand) as well as conflicting social, economic and environmental interests that cause negative externalities with territorial ramifications.

An expert panel composed of planners and policy makers who attended the previous editions of the ESPON spatial planning roadshow (France, Ireland and Benelux) will reflect on the emerging spatial planning culture that is:

able to reconcile land use and ecosystem services;
moving from a traditionally normative spatial planning in static administrative units to an open, collaborative and responsive one in flexible functional areas.
Furthermore, the session will seek to ascertain the common spatial planning research needs in Western Europe that can be addressed by ESPON in future.

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