Lluis Brau - Our friend - our Honorary President

Lluis Brau1

It is with great sadness we received the news that our dear friend Lluis passed away. Lluis was for ECTP a tower of strength. He brought wisdom and integrity to all we engaged in. Qualities so much needed in our society which is being driven by those who have a disregard for truth, experience and expertise.

He represented not only Barcelona and Spain on the European and the global scale, he represented freedom of political thought that allowed us to advance collectively in our professional practice. Last autumn during the general assembly in Leuven, Lluis was acclaimed Honorary president of ECTP-CEU with applause. Unfortunately he could not attend, but his spirit and joy was surely present.

We all particularly remember his speech in Berlin a couple of years ago when debating the culture of spatial planning in Europe, when he told us that we were all remnants of social democracy. He urged us to open up to the contemporary society and to fight for European democracy through urbanism.

Our condolences to the family and all the friends, as the community of European Planners, but most of all as dear friends of this wonderful person.

Lluis will be remembered in our thoughts and prayers. The European spatial planners community will miss him

Lluis Brau2