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ECTP-CEU is very proud to announce the signature of the European Charter on Participatory Democracy:

by the Minister-President of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region Mr Rudi Vervoort, in Brussels, on April 29th 2016, at the ocasion of the ECTP-CEU General Assembly in Brussels.
  MG 0172
Joris Scheers, ECTP-CEU President - Rudi Vervoort, Minister-President of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region and Luc-Emile Bouche Florin, ECTP-CEU Honorary President

by Mr Raffaele Cattaneo, President of the Commission for Territorial Cohesion Policy and EU Budget

and by Mrs Hella Dunger-Löper, Plenipotentiary of the Land of Berlin and member of the Jury of the European Urban and Regional Planning Awards

Mr. Raffaele Cattaneo and Mrs. Hella Dunger-Löper signed The European Charter on Participatory Democracy in Spatial Planning Processes proposed by the ECTP-CEU at the occasion of the Ceremony of the European Urban and Regional Planning Awards, at the Committee of the Regions, in Brussels on July 4th 2016.

  MG 8145
Dominique Lancrenon, ECTP-CEU Secretary General - Joris Scheers, ECTP-CEU President, Raffaele Cattaneo, COTER President, Hella Dunger-Löper, Plenipotentiary of the Land of Berlin


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The XIth European Urban and Regional Planning Awards


The XIth European Urban and Regional Planning Awards were presented by Mr Raffaele Cattaneo, President of the COTER at the Committee of the Regions on July 4th 2016.

 MG 8039Mr Raffaele Cattaneo

Three winning projects, their planners and their cities were celebrated:

  MG 8055
Ewa Gadomska from the city of Olsztyn, Poland, for the integrated urban development plan of the city, which articulates its urban renewal, the development of public spaces and architectural heritage, the opening of the city to the river, the development of 'soft' mobility through the protection of green spaces, restricting urban sprawl.

 MG 8069 
Jan Schollaert of the city of Brussels in Belgium for upgrading the pedestrian and cycle access in the heart of the city, committed to the change of use of the Boulevard Anspach and the articulation of residential and touristic areas through social and environmental upgrading of public spaces.

 MG 8093
Emmanuel Masselière of the Grand Roissy area in France for the implementation of a strategic plan for Greater Roissy and the commitment to governance building the identity of this large territory around its heart, the Charles de Gaulle airport. The strategic plan works within the constraints of the ownership and the dynamics and benefits of the airport complex in favour of redefining of the living environment for the residents and travellers visiting Paris.

A special mention was awarded to:

 MG 8117
Jonathan Bell from the City of Plymouth for the realization of the Plan of Plymouth developed in a process of consultation and very dynamic innovative citizen participation.

The Jury of XIth European Urban and Regional Planning Awards is consisted of:

  • Chairman of the Jury: Petter Wiberg, ECTP and FKP Norway, Director of Planning Services and construction of the city of Bergen, Norway
  • Hella Dunger-Löper, Elected Plenipotentiary of the Land of Berlin for Federal and European Affairs, representing the Committee of the Regions and the Commission for Territorial Cohesion Policy, Germany
  • Nourian Pirouz, lecturer and researcher urban design computing at TU Delft, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, The Netherlands
  • Isabel Girault, Director General of the Office of Planning of the Republic and Canton of Geneva, Switzerland 
  • Christof Marx, Senior Project, Executive Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises - European Commission, Belgium 
  • Dominique Lancrenon, Secretary General of the ECTP-CEU, France, Technical Director Planning Antea Group

The ECTP-CEU, European Council of Town Planners, organizes the European Urban and Regional Planning Awards since 22 years every 2 years, and for the 3rd time, hosted by the Committee of Regions

More info here

Communiqué de Presse, Le 6 juillet 2016 : 
Grand Prix Européen de l’Urbanisme

 MG 8044
Mrs Hella Dunger-Löper, Elected Plenipotentiary of the Land of Berlin for Federal and European Affairs presents the winning project from Olsztyn

 MG 8018
Petter Wiberg, President of the Jury and Raffaele Cattaneo, Président de la COTER

Le Grand Prix Européen de l’urbanisme a été décerné le 4 juillet 2016 par Mr Raffaele Cattaneo, Président de la COTER à 3 projets Lauréats, leurs urbanistes et leurs villes:

  • Ewa Gadomska de la ville d’Olsztyn en Pologne, pour le Plan de développement urbain intégré de la ville, qui articule son renouvellement urbain, la valorisation des espaces publics et des patrimoines architecturaux, l’ouverture de la ville vers le fleuve, le développement des mobilités douces à travers la protection des espaces verts, la restriction de l’étalement urbain. 
  • Jan Schollaert de la ville de Bruxelles en Belgique pour la revalorisation piétonne et 2 roues de son cœur de ville, engagée avec le changement d’usage du Boulevard Anspach et l’articulation des quartiers résidentiels et touristiques à travers la revalorisation sociale et environnementale des espaces publics. 
  • Emmanuel de la Masselière du Grand Roissy en France pour la réalisation d’un plan stratégique du Grand Roissy et l’engagement d’une gouvernance construisant l’identité de ce grand territoire dont le cœur est l’aéroport Charles de Gaulle. Le plan stratégique élabore les conditions de l’appropriation de la dynamique et des bénéfices du pôle aéroport, au profit de la requalification du cadre de vie des habitants et des voyageurs en escale à Paris.

Une mention spéciale a été décernée à

  • Jonathan Bell de la Ville de Plymouth pour la réalisation du Plan de Plymouth développé dans une démarche de concertation et de participation citoyenne très dynamique et innovante.

Le Jury du 11è Grand Prix Européen des Urbanistes était composé de :

  • Président du Jury : Petter Wiberg, ECTP-CEU et FKP Norvège, Directeur des services de l’urbanisme et de la construction de la ville de Bergen, Norvège 
  • Hella Dunger-Löper, Elue Plénipotentiaire du Land de Berlin pour les affaires fédérales et européennes, représentant le Comité des régions et la Commission pour la politique de cohésion territoriale, Allemagne 
  • Pirouz Nourian, maître de conférences et chercheur de design urbain de l'informatique à la TU Delft, Faculté d'architecture et l'environnement bâti, Pays-Bas 
  • Isabel Girault, Directrice Générale de l'Office de l'urbanisme de la République et du Canton de Genève, Suisse 
  • Christof Marx, conseiller principal de projet, Agence exécutive pour les petites et moyennes entreprises - Commission européenne, Belgique 
  • Dominique Lancrenon, Secrétaire Générale de l’ECTP-CEU, France, Directrice Technique Aménagement du Territoire Antea Group

Le ECTP-CEU, Conseil Européen des Urbanistes, organise ce Grand Prix depuis 22 ans tous les 2 ans, et pour la 3è me fois hébergé par le Comité des Régions

 MG 8023
Joris Scheers ECTP-CEU President

Hosted by

cor EN s

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To the website of the ECTP-CEU (European Council of Spatial Planners - Conseil européen des urbanistes), the umbrella organisation for spatial Planning institutes in Europe.

This site will give you a general overview on the mission, structure, events, members, activies and services provided by the ECTP-CEU.



Founded in 1985, ECTP-CEU (European Council of Spatial Planners - Conseil Européen des Urbanistes) brings together 27 professional town planning associations and institutes from 25 European countries as well as corresponding members. It is an umbrella association providing its members with a common framework to promote the visibility, recognition of the important societal role and practice of planning and urban development in Europe and its teaching, continuing professional development and the definition of professional responsibilities.

ECTP-CEU sets standards of education and conduct for the planning profession; engages in dialogue with local, national and European government, identifies, and rewards examples of good planning all over Europe in particular through its "Awards" (see infra "events").

ECTP-CEU Actions – Working Groups


Qualification Recognition

Taking forward work to facilitate the free movement of planners: an ECTP-CEU working group on the recognition of spatial qualification in Europe is working with AESOP (Association of European Schools of Planning) and EFLA (European Federation of Landscape  Architects) towards recognition of professional qualifications and education, maintaining and developing negotiations with DG Internal Market to obtain recognition for planning as a profession and continuing work to establish a common basis for professional practice through the Education Task Force and other forums.

Vision for Spatial Planning of the XXI century

The ECTP-CEU’s vision for Spatial Planning in the 21st century is recorded in three publications: "Try it this way", "Fifteen Steps towards Territorial Cohesion" and "The New Charter of Athens" available in several European languages. A revision of the Charter is underway to ensure that it remains relevant response to emerging challenges.

Young Planners

The ECTP-CEU has established a special working group to offer young planners the opportunity to create a network across Europe and prepare the future of spatial planning in Europe, drawing on its policy work on territorial cohesion and its economic, social and environmental dimensions.

GIS & 3D

Like all disciplines, planning needs to use new tools, in particular the GIS (Geographic Information System) and 3D modelling.

In this regard, ECTP-CEU participates since 2011, in the “Imagina Forum” held annually in Monaco presenting the latest research techniques and software for GIS and 3D.  In 2011, ECTP-CEU co-chaired the event with FNAU (Fédération Nationale des Agences d'Urbanisme, France), the SRL (Vereinigung für Stadt-, Regional-und Landesplanung, Germany) and the University of Coimbra, Portugal.

Climate Change

During 2012 the Working group on Climate Changes involved ECTP-CEU in Intelligent Energy in Europe programme, developed by the EU.

ECTP-CEU Actions – Events & Calendar

Awards: Since the early 1990’s the ECTP-CEU has organised, the European Urban and Regional Planning Awards every two years. Since 2010, these awards have been supported by and are in collaboration with the Committee of the Regions of the European Union where the ceremony is held concurrently with the COTER (Commission for Territorial Cohesion) assembly of local and regional elected at their Brussels location. The ECTP-CEU is also setting up for 2013 a European Spatial Planners’ Award.

Conferences: ECTP-CEU regularly organises conferences , sometimes during its General Assembly, and has, amongst others, organised a series of three conferences in London, Paris and Llubjana on "Territorial Cohesion in Europe", participated in the Centennial of the SFU (Société Française des Urbanistes) and is actively involved in events related to the Decade of Planning (see below).

Calendar: ECTP-CEU publishes on its website a calendar of European and Worldwide events related to spatial planning while providing targeted research (by theme, date, organization, etc.)..

ECTP-CEU Actions – Publications

In addition to the above mentioned publications (see "Vision for Spatial Planning of the XXI century"), ECTP-CEU publishes the result of the conferences self-organised or in which ECTP-CEU participated and publishes a Newsletter in relation to its website.

ECTP-CEU Actions – Professional assistance

ECTP-CEU is gradually setting up a registry of cross-border experts and plans which will provide, through its website, a tailored selection of calls for tender.

ECTP-CEU Network

The ECTP has relationships with the following institutions, with representative delegates who report to the General Assembly:

  1. The Committee of the Regions of the European Union. (In addition to the collaboration for the Awards); ECTP-CEU contributed to the Toledo Declaration on integrated regeneration issued by the Committee of the Regions;
  2. The EU Network of Territorial Cohesion, NTCCP (Network of Territorial Cohesion Contact Points) and UDG (Urban Development Group).
  3. The Council of Europe and CEMAT (the Conference of Ministers of Spatial/Planning): ECTP-CEU has undertaken to translate the CEMAT glossary into several European languages;
  4. European Heritage Alliance 3.3
  5. The European Biennial of Towns and Town Planners;
  6. Other international associations dealing with Spatial Planning: AESOP, EFLA, INTA (International Urban Development Association), ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites), ISOCARP (International Society of City and Regional Planners) with who are organised events such as the Decade of Planning (with all) or Summer courses (with AESOP, IFHP and ISOCARP) and manages a common calendar for conferences, meetings and seminars;
  7. UN-HABITAT (United Nations Habitat) ;
  8. The FIU (Federación Iberoamericana de Urbanistas) was established with the support of local authorities, AETU (Spain), AUP (Portugal) and ECTP-CEU;
  9. The WTPD (World Town Planning Day) on-line conference;
  10. As member of the GPN (Global Planners Network), ECTP-CEU supports the proposal from its UK member, RTPI, to create a web portal for planners to share experience.

ECTP-CEU Members

ECTP-CEU is composed of full members (European national planners institutes & associations) and corresponding members such as regions, municipalities, faculties, associations related with urban and regional planning, planning offices, and planning research  organizations. With the exception of voting rights at the General Assembly, corresponding members also participate in all ECTP-CEU activities.

ECTP-CEU Executive Committee

President: Joris Scheers (VRP), Vice President: Henk van der Kamp (IPI) Secretary-General: Dominique Lancrenon (SFU), Treasurer: Michael Stein (SFR) , Administrators: Vincent Goodstadt (RTPI), Ignacio Pemán Gavín (AETU), João M. P. Teixeira (AUP).

ECTP-CEU Contact

For more information on ECTP-CEU:

ECTP-CEU Secretariat - Secrétariat ECTP-CEU

Avenue d'Auderghem 63 1040 Bruxelles
Oudergemlaan 63 - 1040 Brussel
Belgium - Belgique - Belgie
Tel : +32 (0) 470 350 432
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.